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Bedford Messiah Choir is unusual. Choristers only sing together for a few weeks, culminating in an annual performance. The choir it is then dormant until the next year. We get together in late October / early November and hold our concert on the Saturday before Advent.

Typically we attract singers from local choirs such as the Bedford Choral Society and Kempston Musical Society as well as singers from local church choirs. Most singers are already familiar with the Handel’s Messiah.

Why do people join the choir?

  • It’s an opportunity to sing a masterpiece by Handel.

  • The time you need to commit is bounded, over a period of five weeks.

  • You meet people who have a love of choral music and who sing in other choirs.

  • For choristers who sing in church choirs, it’s a chance to sing in a larger choir. We usually have around 70 singers. It’s a powerful sound.

  • Never sung the Messiah before? If you put in sufficient time learning the piece before the rehearsal starts, it’s a great way to add to your repertoire. We often run a half day Bring and Sing before rehearsals so you can test your ability before full rehearsals start.

  • There is always an influx of new members so the choir is constantly refreshing itself.

  • Many people sing in their youth but are prevented from continuing to sing due to study, work or family commitments. The Messiah Choir is a perfect way to keep singing, it only takes a month of commitment.

Interested? Please read on.

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Membership Information

We welcome singers in all voice parts to join the choir and there is no audition. Registration for the season is £15. Given such limited rehearsal time, singers are expected to be familiar with the Messiah before rehearsals start. We have a lower age limit of 15, but no upper limit!

Dress at rehearsals is informal. Concert dress is long black skirts and plain white blouses for ladies and dinner jackets for men.

Singers need to provide their own vocal score. We recommend the Prout or Watkins Shaw editions of the Messiah. With prior notice, we can provide a copy of the score on loan for the first rehearsal. Alternatively you can order a score from us.

Registration for our Autumn Season has not opened yet but you can be added to our Choristers mailing list HERE 

For more details on rehearsals please visit our rehearsals page HERE

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